Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Busy Bee Week

There were so many places to go and people to see and dogs to meet this's almost a blur.

Let's see...Last Monday I went to the vet's office for a check-up and a shot. Ummmm...OUCH! I'm not a very big fan of shots, but foster mom held me and hugged me and told me that I was very brave about the whole thing, and besides, it was over in no time anyway.

I met a new friend while I was at my check-up. I think I heard the people there calling him "Lefty". I guess he works there too and his job must be to check in with all of us patients to see if we need anything, or perhaps just see if we want to play while we're waiting. I liked Lefty!

I also noticed that foster mom makes me practice my lessons every single day, no matter where we are. I guess there's no such thing as 'Sunday is a day of rest' around these parts. Here I am practicing my "down" while waiting for the doc to show up. I did a good job, huh?

I also made another friend this week. A fellow puppy named Pippin. I am sooooo very lucky and totally excited to have so many nice friends. Life is good!


P.S. You know how it says on my shelter bio that I weigh 15-lbs and that I'm 11 weeks old? Well, that was a few weeks ago (almost a month ago maybe). Here's the latest update on my stats...I'm a slightly bigger boy now! A 26-lb 'hunka love muffin / snuggle bully / lap dog'.


  1. Wow what a social boy you are. I heard you're going to go to training and get some good leash manners. That's what our people make us do. Train and work. It's fun though. I fee like I have a purpose.

  2. Hi Dexter,
    Thanks! You are soooo right!! We all need to have a purpose in life and be the best that we can be! We shouldn't have to settle for anything else.

    BTW, I've heard so many great things about you! Sssshhh...this is a super secret, so don't tell anyone, but I think my foster mom has a HUGE crush on you!!!