Thursday, December 4, 2008

Winter Creatures

Okay, so it's not officially winter yet, but foster mom seems to be getting us all ready for it because she says it's just around the corner. She made us put on all of these comfy cozy sweaters and vests and stuff. Don't we look silly!? Not even our very favorite treat in the whole wide world (cheese) would keep us all sitting still for this picture...(just check out one of the outtakes...Pippin's outta here...heh, heh, heh!)

Oh, but that's not all... I am in my hoodie.

& my CalTrans vest...

So, as you can see, I will be more than ready for my first winter ever! And so will'll be her first winter too! Maybe we can just snuggle up together and keep each other warm without wearing these silly outfits! D'oh!


  1. Wow Pippin et al. You guys look pretty spiffy. I sometimes sleep in my black tank that says "Securtiy" on the back. I can look super cool and be warm at the same time.

    Cal Trans huh, wha'd you do?

  2. Well, I'm the "official pot-hole-sniffer-outer and inspector" of course!