Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rub-a-dub-dub...two pups in a tub

So what could possibly be more fun than bathing a puppy?

How about bathing TWO puppies! (...well maybe not both puppies at the same time...boy oh boy!...can you just imagine that?!)

Pippin and I did our best to look as pathetic and soulful as possible, just so that we would be able to get this over with even sooner, but that plan didn't work...

And if looking pathetic doesn't work, how about just trying to escape?

Sigh...No such luck trying to escape either...But at least we got some satisfaction out of getting foster mom all soaking wet...heh!


  1. Oh boy sounds like fun. I don't like baths myself.I'd prefer just a dry scrub, no water.

    But that's part 'a life I guess. Gotta stay fresh and smelling clean to get lots of kisses!

  2. ohhh sweet Pippin and Gulliver, it will be over soon and then you can run around and get dirty all over again! You're both so adorable and now you're all fresh for some good cuddling and kisses!